About Photoweavers

Our Story

Jay Clark started the textile mill with a simple plan to weave quality products at reasonable prices. Our blankets and wall tapestries were traditionally woven with artistic designs and used as gift and decor products. We sold to small boutique gift stores all over the world and grew our business every year based on quality and delivery. Each year we added looms and more family. Along the way, we acquired unique clients such as the White House, IBM and Paramount Pictures that appreciate our dedication to high quality products. As we continued to grow, we accidently invented a process for turning photos into woven products almost immediately. This took us all over the world to meet with professional photographers that wanted to use our blankets for their clients.

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Our blankets are woven tapestries. Each tapestry blanket is a work of art, woven from over eight miles of cotton yarn. Tapestry weaving is a lost art due primarily to the intense handwork necessary to complete the process. We have designed and built our textile mill from the ground up to create the highest quality tapestries in the world. We have developed proprietary technologies, both in software and machinery that allow us to take your design and move it from concept to shipping in just a few hours. Our mill is state of the art and has over thirty German Jacquard looms that are capable of weaving a blanket in only 12 minutes. Each loom weights 4 tons and is two stores high. The entire process is automated from images moving across our network to the tracking technology that keeps your tapestry blanket moving from concept to weaving to the laundry for washing and finally into shipping to be delivered to you the next day.