Custom Blanket Hoodies

Create Your Own Blanket Hoodies with our Custom Woven Photo Blankets!

Perfect for Festivals, Celebrations, Tribute Hoodies, Merch, and Fashion Design.

A New Path into Becoming a Fashion Designer

We want to nurture the community of DIY apparel makers that love using our photo blankets to make custom blanket hoodies. It is a heartwarming way to see our products being upcycled and reused in creative ways.

It’s easy to get started making woven apparel! There are tons of free resource, sewing patterns, and video tutorials for anyone to be able to join the custom apparel scene. Because of this even those new to sewing can use our photo blanket to make custom clothing.

For those who are new to sewing we recommend starting with pants, sweatshirts, or hoodies. These garments are easier to start out making and have an abundance of easy to follow tutorials.

Designing Photo Blankets for Blanket Hoodies

Your photos, designs, and collages can be woven into three different sizes of blanket to best fit your project. Each blankets design is edited by a team of professional artists, and pre washed for your convenience.

When creating blankets with the intention of making them into  blanket hoodies, make sure that you have the important portions of your images lined up with your sewing template. As a result, you avoid material waste in the long run.

Sewing woven tapestry